Bon Voyage Car Diffuser
Bon Voyage Car Diffuser
Bon Voyage Car Diffuser
Bon Voyage Car Diffuser

Bon Voyage Car Diffuser

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Scent that Transcends Location

Be transported from the monotony of a long commute or road trip with beautiful luxury car scenting! A sleek car diffuser with a rich metallic finish. Hotel style car diffusing optimized for vehicles spreads the perfect amount of fragrance in cars, powerful yet not overwhelming.

Beautify your commute

Clip the compact diffuser anywhere on the air vents. Scenting only once your vents are blowing for a smart fragrance experience that will last miles. Just a few drops of your favorite aroma oil will create an enjoyable and tranquil setting that enhances the car’s atmosphere and uplifts your drive.

Take the Scentic Route

Make your car smell beautiful with elegant hotel-experience car scenting.

How To Use:

1- Remove the metal clip.

2- Place the scent stick in the diffuser groove.

3- Pour a few drops of your favorite aroma oil on the scent stick. If you prefer strong car scenting, add a few more drops for your custom level of car diffusion.

4- Reattach the metal clip to the back slot to close the diffuser.

5- Insert the Bon Voyage Diffuser anywhere on the air vents.

6- Open the air vents in your car to start a magnificent scenting experience!

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5-Star Hotel-Aroma for Homes

Once exclusive to the world’s finest hotels, we’ve made fragrance history with our remarkable aroma oils, now possible to enhance, beautify and elevate homes. Luxury aroma oils are refined to provide the ideal fine fragrance experience with pristinely sourced sophisticated aroma blends, and designed for home use with freshening properties as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kimberly Bellotte
great purchase!!

The car freshener a gift to my daughter. She was thrilled with not only the scent but also the aesthetics!

MJ Pereira
Looks great, smells better.

My new car diffuser is amazing. First of all, it provides a modern, sleek, and clean look in my car. More importantly, it smells wonderful. I bought two scents in case I didn't like one but I've been loving the leather scent and haven't changed it yet. I love that it's not overpowering from sitting all day, but once I start driving, the cars vents will push out the scent throughout the car. So far I've set it up and it's already lasted two weeks with about 3-4 drops on each side. Going forward I think touching it up every once in a while will serve my needs. I'll be a customer for life.

Alicia C
Makes my car smell so amazing!!!

Obsessed with my new car diffuser. It makes my car smell like a 5 star hotel! Love the Santal fragrance, I like stronger scenting so I put more drops of aroma oil onto the scent stick and it's perfect. I've gotten compliments on how good my car smells from people I gave a ride to, and it gives my not so new car a rich feeling of luxury. No more car trees, the bon voyage car diffuser is the best way to freshen my car with a beautiful scent.


Cute and sophisticated but don’t really scent the car as expected

A Breath of Fresh Drive

I’m thrilled with my new car diffuser! The compact design fits seamlessly into my vehicle, and the performance is exceptional. It effortlessly transforms my commute with soothing scents, creating a refreshing atmosphere inside. The easy setup and long-lasting fragrance make it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their driving experience. A small investment for a big impact on daily journeys!

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