Hotel Style Diffusion

A rich home scenting experience that spreads luxury aromas in your home with the same diffusion methods used by 5-Star hotels.  

Elegant Home Fragrances

Gorgeous layered scents inspired by world-class hotels transform your home with fragrant beauty, so you can enjoy the hotel experience in your own home.

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Hotel Style Diffusion

Sleek diffusers spread elegant fragrance in your home with the scenting technology used by the world's most beautiful hotels. Cold air diffusion has no smoke, no water, just awesome fragrance. Safe for homes with pets, children and fine furnishings. Smooth and rich diffusion that envelops you in gorgeous scents all day.

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Scenting Your Entire Home

Beautiful scenting spreads evenly throughout your entire home. Delightful aromas disperse consistently throughout your space, whether big or small. Uplifting fragrance surrounds you in every part of your house. Enjoy hotel experience scenting that lifts your spirits and upgrades your home to the luxury of a five star hotel.

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Personalized Fragrant Experience

Set your own scenting schedule easily with custom fragrance intensity levels. Choose your favorite scents and decide how long you want scenting in your home every day, and how intense you want your home scenting experience to be. Happy Scenting!